My grandmother, Josephine, is a funny lady. "Spirited" my husband would say. She likes to stick her tongue out and scrunch her nose. Through all of life's challenges, at 89, she remains energetic, sharp witted and spunky. As silly as she can be, she's also an incredibly wise woman and a resource for insightful and practical advice. Her energy has inspired me to live life more fully. And in that spirit, the Pick Me UP! was born in 2007.

Following years of family problems that included substance abuse by loved ones and a gripping personal struggle with depression, I began a journey to recovery in 2004. I'm happy to say that I'm succeeding... in no small part due to the enormous arsenal of useful expressions I've accumulated to get me through the hard times. Over time, as the
Pick Me UP! sentiments became a way of life for me, they found their way into conversations with friends, who encouraged me repeatedly to "write that down!"

Pick Me UP! is the result of the encouragement and support I have received. Even though life is remarkably improved for me today, I still use the Pick Me UP! expressions in the designs to inspire others (and myself). A "calling" some might say. But for me, it's simply an expression of hope and encouragement I picked up along the way... and one I feel compelled to share with others because I know first-hand how much they can improve the quality of life.